Our six networking tips for blue collar workers

Our six networking tips for blue collar workers

While it is widely regarded that networking is an essential component in white collar positions, it is as equally as important for blue collar workers hoping to get ahead in their career or grow their business. 

Having the ability to leverage your contacts, make connections and forge strong relationships are integral to your success, no matter the industry in which you work.

This is especially important when you are looking for the next level up in your career, are about complete training or are ready for change. 

For job seekers, a strong network translates to potential opportunities. 

Here is our advice on how to connect with people in your industry and community to generate a healthy network.      

Don’t wait until you hit the workforce

Get a head start by actively networking while you are still completing your study. If you are studying at TAFE, your lecturers and trainers can be a fantastic resource, as they are likely to still be active in their field. This also applies to your mentors while your are completing your apprenticeship or on-site training. 

Be sure to create bonds with other students, as they will become you peers in the industry once you get out into the world. 

Be sure not to skip job fairs or networking events organised by your training provider, as this is a chance to connect directly with employers and recruiters.  

Build relationships with other blue collar businesses in your community

Networking can also occur during the work day, so take the time to meet people from businesses in your community when completing jobs, or take the time to drop in and say hi if you are in the area. 

For example, if you are a lawn mowing contractor, plumber or electrician, it pays to know the local real estate agents if work is ever required on a rental property they manage, or a house being readied for sale. 

Getting to know the staff working in your local shire is also a wise move, as there will often be tenders up for grabs or services required across their various assets/amenities.

Furthermore, say you are a tree-lopper, making connections with rangers can be beneficial, as they may refer home-owners who are not compliant with local laws to you for work.

Not only will this give you the opportunity for potential new clients through these businesses, it is also beneficial when it comes time to look for work elsewhere.    

Join an association or guild in your area of expertise

Regularly meeting with peers can be beneficial in a number of ways. It can be an opportunity to learn, gauge how your prices compare and possibly open up opportunities to take on new clients. 

If contractors are working within specific areas for example, your peers can direct work your way if it falls out of their zone and into yours. 

If your job involves ongoing work for clients, this can also be helpful if you need to share your workload due to injury, illness or if you are simply taking a break.  

When blue collar job opportunities arise, the association will be one of the first places employers will look. 

Build and maintain your online footprint

If you work in an industry such as landscaping, cabinetry, painting and the like, show off the final result of your hard work by snapping a picture and sharing it across your social media and website.

This will help demonstrate your capabilities and define your brand for both potential customers and employers to see.  

Ensure you actively use your account to engage with potential customers and fellow businesses, by sharing those before and after shots, industry news or advice to reinforce your expertise. 

Join groups specific to your industry, participate in online forums and keep an eye out for people asking for tradie recommendations in local community groups.  

Get your face out there

Don’t always hide behind a computer screen, get out into the community and have a chat with the parents at your child’s school, join committees or take up volunteering opportunities. You never know who you may rub shoulders with!

Connect with recruiters

Don’t wait for recruiters to find you, take the initiative to introduce yourself. 

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